5 Fitness Options for a Happier You

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5 Fitness Options for a Happier You
It is scientifically proven that exercise can make you happy due to the release of endorphins during the act of physical exertion. In fact, if you exercise for just 20 minutes, the mood-enhancing benefits of exercise can last for up to 12 hours. The key is to find a fitness activity that works for you.

Aerobic Activity 

Aerobic activity comes in a variety of forms. Some people prefer intense aerobic activity that includes CrossFit training, marathon running, kickboxing and sparring. These forms of vigorous activities are known to be great for your heart and help to burn fat. You do not have to go to such extreme measures to benefit from aerobic activity. A good run, jump roping and a brisk walk can provide you with similar results.

Ride a Bike 

Bike riding continues to grow in popularity as both an exceptional way to exercise and as an alternative and green methodology for transportation. It is important that you purchase the right bike for your needs. If you are interested in riding your bike short distances free from dramatic hills, a cruiser bike might be good for you. If you are interested in off-roading or riding your bike in less-pleasant weather conditions, a mountain bike might be best. If you plan to ride more than a few miles at a time and intend to encounter hills, a road bike is your best option.

Muscle Tone 

If you wish to tone your muscles, you have options. You can choose to do weight training. If you perform more repetitions with lower weights, you will not bulk up. If you wish to bulk up, continue to increase the amount of weight and repetitions. You can also use your own body weight in activities such as planking to tone your entire body nicely.

Walk More 

It is incredibly simple to incorporate more walking into your life. If you live within a mile or two of work, consider walking to and from work. It will start and end your day with a clear head and positive attitude. You can also take short walks around the building during breaks. And, try to walk to the shops whenever possible instead of driving short distances.

Yoga at Home 

Yoga is a superior way to get into shape, and you do not have spend a lot of money to do it. If you do not feel comfortable going to a yoga class for any reason, look for a video online and do it at home. Once you feel more comfortable, you can join a class or you may find that you simply prefer to do yoga in the comfort of your home. You can do yoga in nearly any space, so even if you live in a small apartment, you have plenty of space to do yoga.

Regardless of the fitness options you prefer, you will become happier once you start a routine. What could be better than lower stress, better health and a happier outlook on life? Start your fitness routine today for a better tomorrow.

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